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Contacting the school for a discussion or an appointment is usually the first step. See below for which step applies to your child’s circumstances:


What documents that need to be submitted?

Please provide : Copy of Birth Certificate, Copy of Child Passport/Visa/Kitas, Copy of Child National ID Number (Indonesian), Copy of Parents Passport/Visa/Kitas/ID card, Copy of recent school report, Copy of Family Register (Indonesian), Copy of Immunization records Child), Child Photograph (4 x 6 size, any background), Payment slip for Tuitions and Fees, Other related documents.


How do I get student KITAS for my child?

School will assist in sponsoring student KITAS. KITAS will include multiple re-entry that valid for one year. Extra cost will be applied.

The sponsorship will be taken out for study discontinuity. An extra cost for EPO (Exit Permit Only) will be applied at the end of study.


Does your child have a learning difficulty or special need?

Sanur School does not have the necessary resources to provide Special Needs education to individual students. It is important that parents advise the Principal of any special needs requirements prior to enrollment.

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