Aims of the School

Sanur School aims to provide opportunities for our community to build an intrinsic respect for one’s self and of others; to embed the moral values of care, understand and acceptance in everything that we do.

Sanur School aims to provide a safe and supportive environment that allows for academic, physical, social and emotional growth. Sanur School seeks that all within the school community fosters a sense of ownership and pride, an eagerness to collaborate and a willingness to negotiate. Sanur School aims to shape a community that is versatile; one that builds positive relationships with all, to then build a high standard of citizenship.

Sanur School’s desire is for all students to experience success in all aspects of school as well as creating diverse and equitable experiences for our students so they are able to reach their potential. Sanur School aspires to develop independent, confident lifelong learners have a passion for learning and self-improvement and a willingness to take risks. Sanur School is driven to giving students the tools to develop the skills needed to collaborate as well as providing opportunities and experiences where the students develop their creative and critical thinking.






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