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Sanur School exists to provide quality educational experiences to students in a multicultural setting.

Learning for Living

We believe the growth of young people is best achieved from a supportive viewpoint with social, emotional, physical, intellectual, aesthetic and spiritual growth underpinning this view.

Whilst the aforementioned may be attended to separately on occasions, the balance of the whole is important. We believe every young person has a right to achieve at his/her highest level in all he/she attempts, and that these attempts and attainments should be highly valued and encouraged. It falls on the school to provide opportunities and creative programmes to meet the needs of students. These programmes demonstrate the uniqueness and potential of each child.

Why Sanur School?

Open for Students from All Nationalities

SIS supports the global citizenship program. We expect that our students will respect and also make positive contribution to the community.

Provide National Exam (UN) and Cambridge Checkpoints in Primary and Lower Secondary

National Exam (UN) and Cambridge Checkpoints is to make sure that our graduated students can easily continue their study to higher institution in Indonesia or return to their home countries.

Assistance in Sponsoring KITAS for Student

To support our international students, SIS can assist in sponsoring and finalizing student KITAS including multiple re-entry permit with additional cost.

Supportive Learning Atmosphere

What makes SIS special is our caring community. We build trust and consistency of communication among teachers, students and parents. Each person is special and treated equally.

After School Activities

We have a diverse after school activities program to allow our students to explore their passions. All students are encouraged to participate in broad range of activities, regardless of prior experience.

Character Building

At SIS your child will receive an education that is relevant to a globalized and rapidly changing world. We focus on both our students’ academic and personal development with progressive and holistic approach.

25 Years
Our Experience
200 Kids
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Experienced Teachers
Student Days

We have been in education services for more than 25 years. We started our service in 1997. In 2017 and 2018, we have built and renovated our early years center and primary buildings. We are now ready to serve around 200 kids. Our most talented teachers will make sure that your child gets the best valuable time learning experience. We maintain to always have 180 to 185 effective learning days in one academic year.​

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We develop our programs based on Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAMBRIDGE) and Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA)

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