Short-term Study Program

To ensure that Short-term Study Programs for Overseas Students are well organized and all involved parties understand their roles and responsibilities.


Sign an agreement when hosting study tour groups, detailing:
* Services the school provides.
* Fees the school receives.
That host parents are aware that they are responsible for the safety and wellbeing of overseas students out of school hours.

Note: School determines the level of fees payable, books or other resources for Short-term Student Study Programs.
Important: The school may remove an overseas student from the school at its own discretion or at the request of the host school if the student is not complying with the school’s policy.

Program Overview

Provide groups of visiting overseas students with the opportunity to:
* Gain new skills and knowledge through a combination of school-based learning and hands-on, educational excursions.
* Improve their English through lessons and practice in a variety of settings.
* Interact and learn with other students to develop friendships and intercultural understanding.
* Experience Indonesian culture through school program.
* Introduction to Cambridge/ACARA Program.
* Excursions, After school Activities facilitated by the school.

May range in duration from 5 days to 10 weeks.

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