Our Philosophy:


  • Sanur School exists to provide quality educational experiences to students in a multicultural environment. Sanur School believes that the growth of young people is best achieved through a supportive viewpoint, with social, emotional, physical, intellectual, aesthetic, and spiritual growth underpinning this view. We believe the balance as a whole is important, that all the underpinning factors; although at times may be attended to separately, it is impeccable that all are included.
  • Sanur School believes that every child is unique and that they each have they own potential and ways to reach their potential. It is important that teachers, parents and students work in collaboration to find each child’s areas of strength and excellence. It is important to then explore and discover ways in which the child will reach their potential, then to support and encourage them to achieve their success. Sanur School sees importance in not only celebrating the successes but the attempts that make up their learning journey.
  • Sanur School understands that for a child to reach their full potential the learning environment needs to provide everything that the child needs to do so. The school needs to provide an environment that allows all children to feel safe and secure, valued and happy, respected and appreciated. The environment also needs to provide opportunities for the child to feel worthy of learning and achieving; through encouragement and motivation, carefully designed programs and experiences, and a teacher’s eagerness a child should always be able to reach their potential and achieve their expectations.

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