Message from Principal

A warm welcome to Sanur Independent School (S.I.S). Established in 1996 to provide a quality education for the expatriate and local community from Kindergarten to Primary School level. Sanur Independent School has gained a reputation as a school which provides a caring environment for its students and encourages the pursuit of excellence in academic, sporting and cultural endeavors. We recognize that each child is a unique and precious individual. Our aim at Sanur Independent School is to develop and promote each childs individual abilities and talents, and to inspire them to be lifelong learners. The Australian National Curriculum is used as the framework upon which we build our curriculum. However, being an international school we also draw on resources from the United Kingdom, United States and other English speaking countries, enriched with Indonesian studies. Thank you for your expression of interest and we hope to be able to welcome you into our school community.


Gail Gerner Mahoney