Our Mission & Vision

Sanur Independent School is an independent school devoted to educating students in a caring atmosphere where all students are encouraged to achieve their personal best in all they do in life.

Statements in Support of the Mission:

  • The School is dedicated to create a supportive community through the pastoral care of all in its community - students, staff, parents, extended family and friends.
  • The School is dedicated to the creation of an informal, yet structured environment where traditional values and caring discipline are prominent features.
  • The School is dedicated to striving for high levels of excellence in all aspects of education including : academic, cultural and sporting endeavours.
  • The School is dedicated to its role in preparing students to be positive members in tomorrow's changing society.

We want our School to be:

  • A school where everyone (staff, students, parents) wants to be.
  • A school of which everyone can be proud.
  • A community in which everyone is teaching and everyone is learning.
  • A school that respects differences: of philosophy, culture, style and passion.
  • A school that strives for high academic standards.
  • A school that strives for excellence in cultural and sporting pursuits.
  • A school that provides high quality care.
  • A school where everyone's contribution is appreciated.
  • A school of enjoyment and humour.
  • A school of friendship.