Meet Our Team

With education and experience in early childhood care

We strive to work together to build and maintain trusting and respectful relationships with both children and families.

  • Sally Shaw
    Year 3 Teacher
    “I have a Masters Degree in Education. I am an Australian and this is now my third year at SIS. I am a dedicated, student focused teacher who loves teaching and the “soul” of SIS. “
  • Desak Nyoman Sudianti
    Year 6 Teacher Assistant

    My name is Desak. I grew up and studied in Singaraja, Bali. I have been working as a teacher assistant since 2008. I love teaching grade 6 in SIS. I enjoy reading, cooking and watching movie in my spare time

  • Ika Rizki Rahmawati
    Kindyprep Teacher Assistant
    “I have been teaching in kindergarten since 2009.I love to recycle stuff😁”
  • I Gusti Made Dwi Guna
    Year 4 Teaching Assistant

    Hi, my name is Pak Gusti. I graduated from a Bachelor’s Degree in Indonesian Language and Literature. I love drawing. I also write and illustrate children’s books.

  • pak-dewa-teacher-assistant-grade5-school-bali

    Dewa Gede Agung Darma Yuda
    Year 5 Teaching Assistant
    Dewa adalah nama saya. Akan tetapi banyak orang memanggil saya dengan sebutan Dewi. Lahir dan besar di pulau yang sama, yaitu Bali. Saya sudah enam tahun mengajar dan mengabdi di sekolah ini. Mengajar atau mendidik merupakan pekerjaan yang mulia menurut pendapat saya. Dan saya pun sangat suka mengajar. Karena, jika diumpamakan kita mempunyai uang atau harta akan habis jika dibagikan. Lain halnya, jika kita mempunyai pengetahuan atau pengalaman yang tidak akan habis jika kita bagikan kepada setiap orang.
  • I Gusti Agung Sri Darmayanti
    Year 1 Teaching Assistant

    My name is Sri. I grew up in Karangasem and studied my bachelor degree at English Education Department Undiksha Singaraja. This is my seventh year at SIS. I have been as an assistant for grade 1, grade 2, grade 3, grade 4, grade 5, grade 6 and grade 7.

  • Luh Eka Yulianthi
    Year 1 Teaching Assistant

    Hello, my name is Eka. This is my fourth year at Sanur Independent School. I am teaching Bahasa, Civics and Indonesian studies in grade 1. I love learning with the kids.#Learning for living

  • Kadek Nina Harnin
    Year 6 Teaching Assistant

    I’m Nina, teaching assistant for grade 5 and 6 in SIS. I hold a degree in English Education Certificate. I’m balinese. Love reading, traveling, teaching and cooking sometimes.

  • Ni Made Suci Rahayu
    Kindyprep Teaching Assistant

    I have a degree of education and early childhood certificate. This is my third year in Sanur Independent School and I enjoy being with the children every day🙂 Teaching is my passion !!

  • Tri Suayanti
    Kindyprep Teaching Assistant

    I am Ibu Tri. I am happy teaching in Kindy Prep. This is my seventh year at SIS and love to involve with little children.

  • Mr Tom
    Year 5 Teacher

    I’m a British teacher and am dynamic and fun and love sports (especially swimming)!
    I have been here in Bali for over a year and came from a School in London to get away from the cold weather.  I enjoy travelling around Indonesia at weekends and keeping fit during the week. Teaching at SIS is awesome!

  • Putu Suartha
    Year 4 Teaching Assistant

    I have been at SIS for the past 3 years of my 8 years of teaching. Working at SIS is like being a part of big multicultural family. I have learned so much from the different cultures right here and also share many things with the kids. I feel very happy about the new campus, its so much better for students and the teachers. It is a beautiful school! Pak Putu

  • Arisha Anjar Kurnia Sari
    Year 3 Teaching Assistant

    My name is Ibu Risha. I am working in SIS as Teaching Assistant for 8 years. Since I started in 2010, I have been in charge of different grades, such as Grade 1, 2 and 3.Besides assist in Grade 3 Class, I am teaching Bahasa Indonesia, Civic and Indonesian Studies for Grade 3. Cooking is my main hobby. I like to share it with the students, sometimes as part of the lesson in the class, or as activity in my after school cooking club. Since I work in SIS, I think this school is a great place for learning in Bali.

  • Luh Putu Devi Gangga
    Year 2 Teaching Assistant

    I’m Putu. This is my seventh year at SIS, still being enthusiatic in teaching kids. Love to read novels, listen and sing songs in my car and enjoy my coffee time with my best friends.